[cover] How to survive being married to a Catholic

How to survive being married to a Catholic

Author / Publisher: A Redemptorist Pastoral Publication
Size and Pages: 63
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A frank and honest guide to Catholic attitudes, beliefs and practices.

Enjoyed by Catholics and their non-Catholic partners.

If you are not a Catholic but your partner IS, this book is for you...

Why do Catholics go to Mass on Sundays? What do they really think about sex and marriage? Are they forbidden to plan their families? Do their partners have to make promises about the way their children should be brought up?

This book gives clear and honest answers to these and many other questions. In thirteen down-to-earth chapters it tells you what Catholics believe and what difference it makes to their lives.

Using a lively cartoon format, the central beliefs of Catholics are illustrated and explained in a highly original and entertaining way. You'll also find frank and straightforward answers to over eighty of the questions people most commonly ask about Catholics and the Catholic Church.

Get the low-down on Catholics. Read this book.

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