[cover] Preaching The Gospel Anew - St Clement Maria Hofbauer

Preaching The Gospel Anew - St Clement Maria Hofbauer

Author / Publisher: Josef Heinzmann CSsR
Size and Pages: 208
ISBN: 9780764801648
Price: $23.95 AUD

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This thoughtful biography of Saint Clement delves into his complex life in all its contradiction - an unusual mixture of deep interior contemplation and active duty to God.

Confronting problems as diverse as Napoleonic spying, anti-clerical persecution, government blacklisting, and heartbreaking personal tragedy, Saint Clement never wavered in his faith.

Quite simply, he is the perfect model for anyone searching for holiness during a time of intellectual and political unrest - an era such as the tumultuous one in which we currently live.

Both engaging and historically accurate, this book unravels the mystery of Saint Clement and paves the way for living a life grounded in the principles of God's Word.

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