[cover] Mary's Beads Of Transformation - Pamphlet

Mary's Beads Of Transformation - Pamphlet

Author / Publisher: Patricia M. McCormack
Size and Pages: 64
ISBN: 9780764810206
Price: $4.00 AUD

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The Rosary is a prayer that brings comfort to the suffering, joy in times of sorrow and hope in moments of despair. The Rosary is also a spiritual catalyst that can truly change a life.

Introduces readers to the life-changing power of the Rosary. This beloved prayer is an opportunity to meditate on the many ways that Jesus can enter our life and the lives of those around us. In addition to the 15 traditional mysteries, this deluxe pamphlet includes Pope John Paul's Mysteries of Light, a Statements of Jesus Rosary, and Scriptural Rosary Starters to inspire readers with a new understanding of life possibilities.

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